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Holiday Camps

The Next LevelA 5D4N camp in Malaysia with lots of fun and adventure but with a strong focus on personal development, character, motivation & leadership (Ages 8 – 17)

Classroom Without Walls Entrepreneurship 101 – A 3 day camp in Singapore that brings the entrepreneur out of your child. (Ages 7 – 14)

Classroom Without Walls PeeWee – A 5 day camp in Singapore that exposes your little one to the life of a Primary 1 kid, explore Science through space and preparing them for the reading that they will need to do. (Ages 5-6)

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The reasons behind Score Campus

By now we all know learning should be made fun, simple and useful! The question here is how? The team at Score Campus strongly believes that learning is a change in behavior as a result of an experience. Our approach towards life is living it by an experience and that is our style of education. You need us because you are tired of listening and not learning. It’s time to experience the madness!

Educators can be superheroes again. It is now.


How Do We Put Method To The Madness?

Organized Learning

Because it’s nice know the amount of work required

The Next Level Experience

Character building, leadership and motivational camp

My Campus

Kids’ home away from home & school away from school


Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics

It’s Personal

Every child is different – so is the experience

Classroom Without Walls

Bridging the gap between the education & real world

Campus Cafe

Learn while being happily stuffed

Pay It Forward

Help others, Help yourself

Mastery Of Topics

Understand, Practice, Master, Repeat

The Mother Of All Camps

Where the change happens

Our Work

Classroom Without Walls

For Students

The world has changed tremendously while the classroom seems to have been left behind in time. If we do not change this trend, we are preparing the kids for a world of failure. A change is needed, and it should have happened yesterday. Our CWW camps aims at developing soft skills.

Our Campus

For Students

At our campuses, kids feel safe. There are no judgements passed, no marks discussed, no awkward silence and no unwanted lengthy talks. Kids love us because we love them, not their grades. Our campuses are designed to inspire, motivate and de-stress kids. They call it home, and we call them our kids!

The Next Level

For Students

As the name suggests, after the CWW camp, it’s time to step up the game and prepare kids for life. This camp is designed for students who want to be future leaders – the top 2% in the world. The Next Level camp is everything but academics. We help kids unleash values that make champions and history makers. To grow in life, one needs to fall. We create the right fall and the right catch.

CWW Teacher Training

For Teachers

A child doesn’t  learn alone. There are quite a number of parties involved in a child’s overall growth and education. Teachers play one of the most important role. We work with them to run classes efficiently. The aim will be to help teachers find the passion for learning and also, using technology in learning effectively. This comes with CWW certification.

Parent Education Workshops

For Parents

A child’s learning is, among other things, also affected by what and how parents talk at home. We assist parents in understanding the behavior of their child. This helps them recreate a stronger relationship with the kids and be a part of their daily life.

Schools Training

For Schools

We have trained teachers, students and even parents. We have realized that schools are losing out to product salespeople who sell their products and go away. This has left schools apprehensive of any outside organisation. We are not salespeople. We are coaches and education consultants. With us, we agree on a set of objectives, and we make sure we make it happen.


Who Is Score Campus?

A self-declared maverick, he is a dedicated and exciting learner, and he strongly believes that learning unites people.

He is one of the most innovative educators you will meet. He is plying his trade as a professor at UC Berkeley.

A passionate educator, he has learnt at a very young age that there is more to learning than what is prescribed in schools.

Her passion lies in inspiring children to look beyond the classroom and acquire knowledge by world exploration.

She reads the thickest books and cooks the best food. Her belief that the kids must be smiling, and have fun learning.

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