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Learn from short video lessons


We have managed to break down the entire year’s syllabus for one subject into 32 videos. With each video less than 15min long, your child can complete a year-long syllabus for one subject in just 8 hours.


Read Lesson Notes


Each video will come with a set of notes. The syllabus follows the standards set by MOE.
The notes are continuously being worked on to make better ones.

Practice with Interactive Quizzes


Instead of getting them assessment books, you can use our quizzes. With a database of over 1000 questions, there are all kinds of questions in here. They will have quizzes for every topic that will be categorised by level of difficulty. Alongside that, there will also be top school exam papers for them to practice.


Understand your child better


Get instant feedback, detailed analytics and get all the help you need to help your child learn better.