How is Tuition affecting your Child?

Tuition has cultivated a culture where should a child fail, they need help from someone. What happened to the kids helping themselves? They go for tuition and the lesson is laid down on a platter for them to gorge on. What are they learning here, besides the content of the lesson? They still do not know how to do the one very important thing – HOW to learn. They are now reliant on someone to provide them with solutions, rather than them coming up with the solutions. The solution should be peak performance coaching instead. 

In my opinion, tuition has caused more harm than good. If our kids fail, the tutors are usually held responsible. If they do well, the tutors are praised. We seem to forget that the life we are playing with here is the child’s. It is not their fault when they don’t study if we hold the tutors responsible. Why not we hold the kids responsible for their grades?


What is Peak Performance Coaching?

Peak Performance Coaching basically concentrates in helping someone perform at the highest level in times when the stress is mounting. It can be applied to kids or adults alike although the method of coaching might differ. What we specialize in at Score Campus is Peak Performance Coaching for students.

How is Tutoring different from Coaching?

If you are a parent, you would, by now, know what is the role of a tutor. There is a chance you might have heard about coaching too.

There is a common misconception about coaching, that it is a purely motivational process or that it is for sports or that it does not involve academics in any way. This blog post is to help you understand coaching better and how it is different from tutoring. Read on to understand the differences between a tutor and a coach.

> Approach
It involves teaching students the academic concepts and helping them with questions.

Here, a coach works with kids on strategies to attain success. It starts with working with students to organize their learning, then setting some goals, creating a plan etc. 

Only then we can work on the concepts and questions.

> Academic sessions
A tutor will usually work with the student directly on the lesson outline, with a focus on the outcome – the what.

A coach’s focus is not the what. Rather, it is the how and the why that is the most important. Making them understand the concepts rather than just giving them the answers and learning how to learn is very important.

On top of that, it is essential that our kids learn HOW to learn. Once this is achieved, they will be able to figure out solutions to any problem they have, and that is our ultimate goal.

> Which kind of students benefit from this the most?
This works best for students who are already self-motivated. They should know what they want to achieve and the tutor can just help them with the concepts that they need help in.

Contrary to popular belief, if your child is considered to be ‘smart’, but is not doing too well, they need a coach before a tutor. 

If you kid has been having issues, coaching is what he/she needs. They need to understand why they are doing this, figure out their goals, know what is the plan and more.

Often, there would be deeper, underlying issues that need to be talked about. 

While tutoring is suitable for certain types of students, coaching is suitable for all. This is because there is always The Next Level in life and we have to help them attain that.

> Focus is on
Tutors focus on the subject they are working with the child on. Whether it is English, Maths, Science or something, that is what they will help the child on.

A coach’s focus is the child. We need to help the kid succeed in all areas of life. For that, we need to see the child as a whole.

This might sound weird to you, but kids ARE human beings too. As adults, we know that we cannot be working everyday, all the time. we need our downtime. However, many of us fail to understand that our kids deserve the same.

🙁 Mom and Dad are fighting a lot at home.
🙁 I feel ugly as I have a massive pimple outbreak.
🙁 I am the only Indian in class and my friends make fun of me.
🙁 My mother always compares me to Ashley, even when I think I do well.
🙁 I always finish all my homework when I reach home, so I can play. When my Dad comes home, he sees me playing and always thinks I am lying when I say I have done my work.

These might sound like some of the things that your child has said to you. These are not small problems. They might be small to you as you have seen the world to some extent. For your child, these are BIG problems. So do your child a favour and pay attention to them. That is what a coach does too.

> Driven by
Tutoring is driven by outcomes. In this case, grades. Most likely the tutor sets a goal and the child has to strive to achieve that.

Coaching is driven by relationships, process AND outcomes.

It is important to have a strong relationship going with the child and setting a good process to achieving the goals. The final outcome will still be to achieve the goals.

So now, this should give you a better understand about coaching. You have to decide now what is the best for your child. If you think tuition is the way to go, well there are many of them out there. If you are the small group of parents who wish to make our child Responsible, Independent and Motivated learners, talk to us. Last I checked, we do not bite. And neither do we spam as we have better things to do in life.


This is for your child to become a Responsible, Independent and Motivated Learner.