Growing up as a 90s kid in India, school, as I remember only used chalk and blackboards. After much later, the inclusion of a whiteboard with markers that vanished with the wipe of a cloth was fancy enough for a 13-year-old to be experiencing it in a classroom set-up. The introduction to technology, if I remember it well was not a part of my school life at all and the absence of it didn’t affect my consecutive years of growing up either. It was only after my 10th grade (read, year 2008) did the word digital even make sense.

The world was changing at rocket speed and we only had to catch up. It is only true when I say that in the past decade, a lot has changed. In the late 90s the era of coding began and with the internet boom, access to new information became crucial and tech started to reach the narrowest of spaces, except the classrooms. And this has not changed until today. Teachers, today, still ruminate the same lessons, batch and batch again. Even if today’s classrooms are equipped with OHPs and smart boards, they are only collecting dust and are soon bound to become relics. I fail to understand why this is the case? Why are teachers so hesitant to bring technology in their teaching methods, which is available only to make their lives easy? Who is stopping them from exploring this new dimension? What is causing them to think twice? Is the problem at the root-level?

Think about it, by using technology in your classroom, you are automatically shifting the learning process to your student. While they are busy learning independently, you now have all the time to focus on the most crucial aspects of the child – attitude and character. Today, we live in a world where we constantly hear terms like automation, virtual reality and now is a great time to introduce your students to basic tech. Encouraging online learning will shape their brains to think future and equip them with skills that are imminent to them. Tech in education might not have been needed a decade ago but today’s students need it in the classroom! A simple device like the mobile phone or tablet can be a wise learning equipment, providing the opportunity for them to engage in collaboration and enhance interaction with their peers and friends. They stay engaged in their learning process for a longer time and gain access to information much faster.

It is compulsory for the schools to stay updated with the latest tech and bring it to the classroom for the benefit of the students. We understand that these don’t come cheap which is why it is important to get the right ones at first purchase. We must embrace technology in schools and the time is now!

Believe us when we say that technology can help your child grow. Know how we can help your child become an independent, responsible and motivated learner. Drop us a message today!