Have you ever walk into your child’s room to find they are still on the same page as they were an hour ago? Have they been just looking and staring at the same Math problem for over an hour? Well, don’t freak out. This happens to kids and adults. We call this zoning out that happens due to lack of attention span.

I am sure you have already tried the 8-hour sleep, switch off your phone before bed, let’s play chess and everything else that Google Guru has to say regarding attention span. Now here are five easy simple steps that you have been ignoring. Have a look and you will realise for yourself how simple life can get.

  1. Coach Arjun Breaks

Some children have an attention span of fewer than 5 minutes and it’s ok, read on. The attention span cannot be increased overnight but for sure can be worked upon. Start by giving a lot of breaks in between study time. Make the schedule something similar to the one below, this is created by Coach Arjun and works wonders when it comes to attention span.

Study & Play Time Table

A slow increase in study time and break time will slowly increase the attention span. If your child can sit down for 40 mins or more at first, don’t try to push them further. In fact, encourage breaks. Let them rest, play, watch some TV or talk to a friend. But do make sure this break time ends in 20 mins max. Regular breaks help them relax their mind and focus 100% on the content they are doing.

  1. H2O

As much as the sugar rush is enjoyed by children encourage them to drink plain simple water when thirsty. Over the years I have noticed children preferring to drink a 100 plus or coke to quench their thirst. But guess what? The carbon dioxide in the aerated drinks just makes them more thirsty and tired.

Our brain is made up of 75 – 85 % of water. When we keep water away from our system the focus & attention span decreases by minimum 13% You can start by introducing water as the first drink they have when they wake up. Also, while studying ask your kids to keep a bottle of water handy.

For the kids

Make a choice!


  1. Clear Objectives

Each day should have a clear and reachable objective. Don’t force them to finish 4 papers in a day. When we do this, they think about the other three while the first one gets ignored. Keep the goals simple and clear. One subject, one topic at a time. In this situation, the attention stays on the work in hand. They don’t get stressed by what is not done.

Simple Objective List for the day.

Let them plan their day before they start the day. Only if need be a step in and help them create a clear timetable. Sufficient breaks and with two or utmost 3 objectives they want to achieve in those 4 hours. Also, at the end of time make them cancel out the object they have achieved. This creates a sense of achievement. They a physically see what has been done and what needs more attention.

  1. Me Time

Create an environment at home, where no one talks in the morning. The “Good Mornings” can happen 20 mins after waking up. Science says human willpower is limited, if we exhaust this in the early hours of waking up, before brushing or teeth and getting some food in the system we are left with very little willpower to move around the remaining hours if the day. Hence the attention span is not good if the willpower is wasted in the early hours.

Well, not this just simple “me” time!


  1. Remove the Big “C”

The “C” word stands for clutter. Physical clutter affects you more deeply than you can think.

Neuroscientists at Princeton University found when they looked at people’s task performance in an organized versus disorganized environment. The results of the study showed that physical clutter in your surroundings competes for your attention span, resulting in decreased performance and increased stress.

It is important that children clean their room. The books are stacked on their shelves and the toys and games back in their baskets. When they sit down to study and find a PS4 at their eyes wavelength the mind starts drifting from Newton’s law to PS4.

Simple & Clean


Try these and if you still feel things are not moving forward write to us we will definitely find a solution.



If you are struggling and unable to make the kids sit down and work. Talk to us, we will help you increase the attention span.