8 Ways to entertain kids during holidays

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 As much as we hate to see our kids glued to the mobile screens during holidays, we have to agree what else can they do! Exams are over. School is shut. Friends have plans. So now what?

Oh yeah! Holiday Camps, a good break for the kids and the parents! But really are camps a good break? Don’t send your children to Holiday camps just because they have nothing else to do and entertaining them for 8 weeks is not easy. Camps are meaningful, of course only if you choose the right one. They can either build the confidence of your child or shatter it down to pieces. So be careful here. Choose a camp, a coach, who truly cares for your child. Don’t just choose a camp because it has over 4k likes on Facebook.

You can do a lot at home with minimum effort, look at these 8 ways to keep kids busy:

  1. Watch movies

Do movie nights at least once a week and say a stern no to all the animated movies. This movie night should be from different cultures and languages, of course with subtitles, or else the popcorn will be all over the house, not something you want during the holidays!

There are a few movie recommendations Children of Heaven, Lion,  Hindi Medium, Coach Carter and the likes. These movies not only give them exposure to the different movie styles but gives them an insight into other cultures, languages, people, lifestyle, problems. Yes, problems – the main thing, our children need to see how other countries survive, the children don’t have an easy life, we need to get their minds thinking about how can they being the first world citizens solve these issues. Well, if you get your children talking about these movies, I say holidays well spent! 


  1.   Sleepover

Plan a sleepover with your kids you can invite their cousins or friends. You can choose from all the different National Parks. I know you do this throughout the year. But this time around ask your children to do a shopping run for you, google a salad recipe, figure out how to book to pit, buy cheap tents and sleeping bags. Give them therein of their own sleepover. Give them a budget perhaps and let them chose how would they like to spend it.  Not only does this keep them busy it also helps them become independent and more responsible. Make this holiday a more responsible one

Growing Up!


  1. Dreams

We all want something or the other. So use this time to make the best out of these dreams. Ask them what they want for Christmas or their birthday or just for the holidays, it could be anything – a laptop, PS 4, phone, a bike and promise them you will buy it. Just keep a little *T&C to this. Please don’t break your promise a promise breaker is a shoemaker. Tell them you will pay for 70% of the price of the gift and they need to earn the rest 30%.

Oh! That seems fair to me, 8 weeks of holidays, nothing to do. Let’s get the young brains working and if they don’t, throw some ideas – use waste paper and make some paper mache items, a garage sale for all the unwanted clothes & toys, household chores, saving pocket money, holiday greeting cards, organising a reading club, football club and so much more.

This is a smart move they know they have to earn only 30% of the price, but you know what they will earn more and way more than that 30% because just one laptop is not sufficient, they want a sleeve for their new mac and a wireless mouse and a bag and the list goes on. I can picture some healthy happy entrepreneur faces this holiday. How about you?


  1. Downtime

Give them as much freedom and break they need to rejuvenate their bodies and minds for the next year. Don’t talk exams, marks, grades school! Well, give yourselves some break too. Give the children ample time to rest, play with their friends, watch movies, read books listen to music, use this time to bond with them know them better, know their friends.. Take them to a beach, a late night ice cream, a music concert, a dance drama, art gallery, golf.. Do something that they like, something which is grown up. They are stress-free at this point of time make the best of it. 

Happy Faces!

  1. Writing  a journal

We all know the power of the pen, let your children experience this as well. Use this holiday to inculcate a habit of writing. Every night after bed ask them to pen their thoughts in a diary and you do the same. Describing how the day went by, how did they feel about certain events. When we write our emotions are shown more vividly and we see things more clearly. Make them read your journal sometimes, let them feel how you feel about your 9-6 job or being at home or running your own business. Let them know what your dreams are about.

Holiday is a good time to do this as they will have a new thing to write about every day and by the time they get back to school this will become a routine.


6. Suffer Together

Get into a routine together, go to the gym, run in the morning, go for Zumba, play soccer do something that makes you and the kids suffer in physical pain. You have the O bikes now, use that, hike up the Bukit Timah hill and get your yourself some yummy breakfast afterwards!


7. A day at work

Make the kids get a feel of working life. Take them to work with you, make them meet your colleagues see your workspace. They will relate to it more, next time when they call you at work and you tell them you are your desk or maybe making coffee in the pantry they will be able to picture you sitting in your swirly chair or pouring yourself a hot cuppa. Let them meet the colleagues you work closely with, they should know your friends at work just like you know theirs.

Let them help you with small errands at work for a day, print a file for you, post a letter, find some photos, work on a presentation. Let them feel useful.

He’s a busy bee!

8. Summer Coach

Make your kid your summer coach. learn something from them, learn how to skate, draw or dance! Anything.  There has to sure be one thing in which your excel and needless to say are better than you. Get some coaching. Did I see an eyebrow2 rise? Well, yeah kids are better than us and nothing better than this to boost their confidence.



You, my dear friend, are not just keeping kids busy during holidays you are helping build a relationship with them, you are creating future leaders.

Happy Holidays