As teachers and coaches, we have high expectations for our students. The bars are set high and the students are expected to perform at the highest level at every point. Is this fair? We are quick to point out their mistakes, often highlighting their homework and assignments in red ink.

How else can we do this? Is there a better and constructive way of giving them feedback? The answer is yes. There is more than one method of correcting the students or giving feedback and helping them improve. Here are a few ways.

Encourage Face-to-face conversations

Even though there are plenty of ways to converse, there’s nothing like what a direct face-to-face conversation can do. Students often tend to put forth their views better by conversing than by putting it on paper. However busy your schedule might be, make time to sit down and have one-to-one chat with your students, especially the struggling ones. You can also find a free period to do so.

Encourage Peer Feedback Sessions

Classroom conversations need not always be about academics. The role of teachers is to go beyond the call of duty to sit down with the student and find out really the problem is. Look up to find out how you can encourage a child to open up. Students are better at getting across the point to their friends and classmates. Allowing your students to correct each other’s assignments will help them as there are no two ideas that are similar. Educating students to give feedback to each other constructively is always helpful.

Give Your Students Genuine Praise

As much as we only give negative feedback, motivation, encouragement and praise when given at the right time can up their morale and help them perform at the highest level the next time around.

Encourage Students To Give You Feedback

This is important as well. This will help you improve on how or what you can do in class better for your students. Feedback always goes both ways.