How well versed are today’s students with everything around them? The answer is very. Students today are more aware, learned and exposed to everything than we ever were. The challenge sometimes is that they are not very adept at putting across their thoughts or turning it into actions. Creating conversation and bringing them into a conversation about the changes they’d like in school, home and otherwise is the first step for change.

Conversation and dialogue can lead to them about opening about issues like bullying, depression and discrimination, to name a few. This is also our observation from our students at Score Campus. Students need to feel comfortable to open up about the thing that you otherwise don’t hear from them. This doesn’t happen by making them fill up a form or make them do an online survey.

When you sit down with a child and be as transparent as possible, the reciprocation is remarkable. To expand the conversation, we always allow these sessions to happen with a group of kids, where trust is built through dialogue and sharing of experiences. The almost immediate reaction is silence but when that one student starts talking, a beautiful chain reaction forms at the end of the session. This helps us dig deep into the minds of these kids, aiding the coaching process.

We as teachers, parents or elders are too quick to either cut them off halfway of at most times undermine their thoughts, context and actions.

The roundtable is not only for adults to come together, discuss and think critically. When students come together, we start to hear voices we’ve not heard before. Our job, then merely is to facilitate the process, observe and take action.

Every child is an amazing storyteller. Do we have the patience to listen to them?