‘Read and you remember, watch and you recognize, do and you learn.’

When Score Campus ventured into Technology, we asked ourselves a whole bunch of questions and we realized that technology can’t be forced upon teachers or students anymore. Having worked with schools in many countries, we came to the conclusion that what can be done in one school can’t always happen in another.

In this entire process, we wanted to redefine the philosophy of learning. Is it all about absorption of content or is it about an experience? At Score Campus, we define learning as a change in behaviour as a result of an experience.

When were first heard about Flipped Classroom, we felt that homework at school and school work at home did not justify learning. We believed that there could be a bigger meaning to it. That is how our application, Let’s Flip was formed.

Let’s flip allows a teacher, a student and anybody who is crazy about education to turn anything and everything around them into a classroom. We also made it in such a manner whereby people can teach from anywhere across the globe using their mobile phone.

The Let’s Flip model is based on the teacher or the educator asking questions, and the student answering using videos and images based on the questions asked. This gives the teachers a good understanding of their student’s subject knowledge and can make their learning experience better.

Let’s Flip is all about to bringing authentic learning back into your hands. It is all about making your smartphone, smarter.