I am sure we all collectively agree that as teachers, it is important to build a strong relationship with students. You want your students to know how much you care about them and get to know them at a deeper level, ask the important questions and help them succeed. This is proven to help student achievement, increase student drive and curb behavioural issues.

Even though we would love to spend more time with the students, due to the mammoth syllabus, busy curriculum and time constraints, we are not able to do so. There are multiple ways to overcome this and help strengthen the teacher-student relationship.

  • Sometimes, we are so overwhelmed with finishing up and teaching the syllabus because the curriculum is just that vast. Plan your class schedule so that you get some extra time to spend with your kids.
  • Do this exercise when your students are sitting in groups and sit along with them aiding them in the learning process.
  • Take time to share personal stories so as to relate to the students more.
  • Talking to the students one-on-one is also effective in getting to know them better.
  • You can start off by asking a┬ástudent, one non-school related question a day so that the students find something different about your class compared to the others. This is also a tactic in building strong relations and trust with them.
  • Help your student see you as a person who they can share than problems with rather than a strict teacher or a disciplinarian.
  • Make your content more interactive, relevant and easy. This makes way for a win-win situation when it comes to teaching lessons and also gather their interest and attention.
  • Create opportunities for your students to learn about you too. This paves way for a two-way stream of communication and understanding.

Relationship building is the first step to learning and teaching.