We need the education to be successful. Unlike what most individuals think that education is only formal whereby you need to acquire it in a class, school or university, I think education is everywhere. Some become educated in class, some in a football field, some on a sewing machine, some in a saloon, some in the sea studying marine life, some in space studying planets, some on a farm studying agriculture. The list is endless. If we broaden our thinking of education to that, we will realise that we do need education to succeed. We need insight into whatever we are doing so that we become a master of it hence success. Just find time to read about the people who were pioneers in discovering different things and you will find out that not everything was from class education, yet they were highly educated. To be successful we skill with passion.

There are many people who were not educated much but still they are successful take for example- Sachin Tendulkar, wasn’t a particularly gifted student, but he’d always shown himself to be a standout athlete similarly Mary Kom she was a drop out from school but she is a successful fighter, after being a boxer she went to pursue her education as she wanted to prove that she is also a fighter out of the ring. Thomas Alva Edison was expelled from school as his teachers thought that he was too slow to learn, he was taught by his mother at home and because of him only it is possible for us to connect with people farther from us, he invented the telephone, the light bulb and so on. The Wright brothers who invented the went to school but they never graduated.

So what made these famous personalities to be successful in life was it education? No. It is their skill and their interest in work that made them successful. There are many people who have numerous degrees but still, they are unemployed, 60% of engineering graduates in India are unemployed. So how can we say that education can only lead to success?