Children want learning to be fun. Children want to make more friends. Children want their opinions to be heard.
Score Campus combines these to create a virtual school for students.

We do not understand the need to instill fear and negative stress associated with learning today.
Score Campus creates the opportunity for everyone to change the way we learn.

Let’s enable teachers, parents and students to learn together, globally.
We’re taking learning to the next level.



Gabriel is an educator, corporate performance coach and creator of some amazing learning tools who has been in the field of learning and development for nearly two decades.

An engineer by back ground and a professional corporate personnel development coach for 19 years, Gabriel saw several gaps in learning. The way training was perceived, conducted and received did not sit well with him and with a team of amazing colleagues, he set out to change that. He worked with corporate learning partners on a deeper level, understanding their day to day affairs and their challenges. With the insights, he coached. It was filled with quick thinking and fast actions.



Arjun is our Dean of academics. You can talk to him about anything but please refrain from saying anything negative about Manchester United. If you do, he gets a little weird. Arjun takes charge of pedagogical enhancements, our Learning Eco system and the fun in Score Campus. He is our unofficial social secretary.

Arjun is an Honours degree holding engineer from Nanyang Technological University and spent 6 months in Denmark learning about machines and learning psychology. He is the co-founder of Score Campus and Let’s flip, and one of the architects of the classroom without walls. Arjun is one of the pioneer educators of the flip learning methodology and spreads his knowledge on best practices to a worldwide learning audience.