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What is Flipped Classroom?

Education has evolved over the past decade. Lecture methods have become obsolete with many different styles come into place. Facilitating a learning experience has become the latest fad in education. A plethora of teaching techniques have sprouted by researchers who...

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An article on addictive learning!

The first time I heard this term was from Naveen Jain at a talk. Well this word "addiction" is a taboo word to most of us. When we hear that we are addicted to certain habits like smoking or drinking, we go on a massive defensive standoff. It is not even the habit...

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3 Secrets to Good Grades in PSLE.

PSLE, not only strains the students but it also drives out energy from parents, teachers and coaches. Here are the three Secrets that will save your child from suffering: 1. After being in this industry for decades and training over 100 PSLE students each year, the...

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Meet Coach Arjun!

Let me start off with the typical description first. Arjun Singh is an NTU Honours degree mechanical engineering graduate who has been an educator for 9 years. He is only 29 years old and is fairly good looking (NOT!). To the world, they look at his academic...

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