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Connecting Students Globally Through Learning

This is your world and it's all about all of you! This space is for you to make friends globally, do projects together and learn as a student body. Help each other, hang out, and grow, together!

You may be a Learner, Coach or a Parent

Work collaboratively with students from all over the world. Learning coaches will always be there to guide when needed. Parents, take a deep breath and enjoy being a parent because your child has taken responsibility of his/her own learning excellence

Let me in

You don't have to do this alone!
You have friends everywhere now!

Use SHOUT OUT to ask a question, get help and collaborate with your friends.

Your Wall of Fame.

Be proud of everything you do and have achieved. Show the world what an asset you are in the future.

Coaches and learning guides are carefully selected and highly trained .

They create teachable moments and help you in anything and everything you want to learn.


Learning led by you, the students

Take charge and ownership using The Game Plan so that you know what’s up and get this done on time or even before.

Welcome to Score Campus !

This is your opportunity to design your own learning space, make friends from around the world, learn what you want to learn. Come in and let's this going!

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