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“You can bring the horse to the water, but you cannot force it to drink.” 

We have heard this saying before, and we accept it for what it stands for. Have we ever thought of making them thirsty? We then don’t have to bring the horse to the water anymore. It goes on its own. 

Teachable moments are not about satisfying the thirst, but creating it.

A student-centred team like Score Campus builds the experience gradually for the students to prepare for an uncertain future, with certainty

Educational technology, meaningful experiences also known as teachable moments, engagement of vested parties, intensity and independence are little bricks that make Score Campus!

"Learning is a change of behaviour as a result of an experience."

Student's Requests:

  1. Allow us to make friends
  2. Listen to our ideas
  3. Make learning fun, simple and useful


Student Centered Eco System

  1. Future Classroom AKA Co-Learning Space
  2. Independent Learning
  3. Student Portfolio Learning