A good learner needs to be able to learn new things, manage and solve problems throughout their life. 


Education’s intention is to do that. The skills and habits that will be learnt during the GO SCORE camp is something that your kids will use for the long term and it is essential for a student’s success.


In Score Campus, we have a method for the life-long skills that we want your child to attain.


The outcome of this camp:


- Learner Self-Awareness

- Independent Learner

- Organised Learner

- Learning to Set Goals

- Being an Effective Learner

- Making Sense out of learning

- Managing Stress & Anxiety


Without Walls

The skills that is needed for the world of tomorrow. This is an educative programme, which incorporates modern learning methods, to bring the best out of your child. 


The belief behind CLASSROOM WITHOUT WALLS is that we should use technology in learning today – The Future classroom. 

This program will help your child unleash values that help solve real world problems – values that make champions and history makers.


The CLASSROOM WITHOUT WALLS camp is where this greatness in every child/ camper/ leader comes alive!


Your child will learn and develop:


- Entrepreneurship

- 3D Modelling, Robotics and Coding

- Critical Thinking

- Project Management

- Creativity and Ideation

- Presentation Skills

- World Skills